Flow Wallet
Crypto transactions management app
UI UX / Product Designer
Toronto, CA
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Project Summary
Crypto Currencies are evolving and growing. However, they are still very difficult, not at all intuitive and expensive to use. I also believe that at some point in the future we will store our assets  on the blockchain, now it’s happening with NFTs but it may grow into a lot more than that. 

That inspired me to create a crypto wallet that is very easy, user friendly and reliable for daily use, as well as a place where we can easily store our digital assets.
Design Process
- While researching why people aren’t very comfortable using crypto currencies, I narrowed the reasons down to two main sections:
First, it’s very complicated for users in general and early adopters in particular, not at all intuitive, expensive and takes a very long time to complete a transaction.
Second, there wasn't a clear use case for crypto currencies, people still didn’t know how or when to use them.  

- After some research on different crypto currencies, it turned out that Flow was one of the cheapest, fastest, and most reliable currencies for everyday use so I chose it for the app.

- After experimenting and doing some prototypes and iterations I was able to design the Flow Wallet App, which was a very easy, user friendly, and intuitive app for early users that allows everyone to use Crypto currencies on a daily basis. As well as it has a gallery for NFTs which gives people not only a popular use case, but also allows them to collect and display their digital assets in one place and explore other people’s digital assets.
Design Process
Main Transactions & Features:
- Paying in stores via the tab feature that allows you to tab your phone on any payment device just like how you tab your regular credit card
- Sending money (crypto or fiat currency) to anyone you want
- Buying crypto currency
- Swapping between different currencies
- Connecting with other people's wallets
Design Process
The Gallery of Digital Assets like NFTs:
- Browsing NFTs and checking what's new on the market
- Following friends and family to form your own community
- Having your own collection and saving all your digital assets in one place
Design Process
Shared Account Feature:
- You can create a shared account that is owned by 2 or more people
- The shared account will have its own private and public keys, at the same time it's linked to the owners private keys of their personal accounts
- You can set a maximum amount that a person can use without the confirmation of the rest of the members
- The shared account functions exactly like the personal one, the only difference is that there are multiple owners
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