Web app for gifts wish lists management
UI UX / Web Designer
Toronto, CA
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Project Summary
This is one of my freelance projects, I was the sole UI/UX designer responsible for the whole design process from research and ideation to the final polished UI.

Gifts are among the most exciting things for us humans, especially when they are exactly what we wished for. Volo is a web app that helps users manage their wish lists and registries, to receive the gifts they dream of and buy the perfect gift for their loved ones.

Target audience pain points: 
- People struggle a lot to find the right gift for the giftee and even after a lot of effort, the gift might still not be the desired one.
- People spend too much time to find gifts 
- A lot of money is wasted on undesired gifts
- People get disappointed when they don’t receive the gifts they wished for
- Gifting kids is challenging due to the interest gap between adults and kids
Design Process
Main Features:
- You can have a personal dream list, which is your own private dream list that no one has access to
- You can have a shared dream list that you can share with anyone via a link
- You can create occasional lists or registries like Christmas or wedding registry
- When you receive a gift you can mark it as fulfilled by others or by you in case you bought it for yourself
Design Process
- You can add any item by pasting the item's link in the input field
Design Process
- In the "Fulfilled by others" tab you will be able to see all the gifts others bought for you, with a note written from the gifter
Design Process
- In the "Fulfill others' dreams" tab you will have all your friends' dream lists. Once you open your friends's dream list link, it will automatically be saved in this tab
Design Process
- After clicking on one of your friends' dream lists, it will open, you will see the items that are claimed by others as well as the available ones
Design Process
- Choose the item that you want to buy for your friend, write them a note and claim it
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